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Time Flies

An absolutely beautiful day. Unofficially the end of summer as tomorrow brings the first day of the new school year, 8th grade. Wasn’t I just last week following the bus on it’s route to elementary school for the first day of kindergarten? We have enjoyed wonderful experiences this summer and they won’t be forgotten fast.

Travels to Europe, expanded my son’s horizons beyond anything imaginable. He was very fortunate to take this trip and he gained many new insights because of it.

Our family spent the majority of our summer in relaxed splendor at our summer cabin. We fished, explored new places, dined exquisitely (at home mostly), learned new carpentry skills, and built a young boy’s fancy – his very own backyard cabin.

We did not take one minute for granted and realized on a daily basis how blessed we are. Being together to enjoy life and all that comes our way is blessing enough.

Autumn will be bringing it’s own rewards as our family will be deer hunting and elk hunting. Wonderful meat to help carry us through the winter. I’m filled with anticipation for the warmth of a wood fire. My heart sinks at the thought of one belch of smoke touching my newly painted walls. The heat, that’s the thing and the beauty that fills my home when it is burning.

As the chapter closes on this season of summer, quietly turning to autumn my soul is filled once again with melancholy. I’m not exactly sad, but more the realization of just how precious time is.


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